The Happiness of Apple

In Savona, in the prestigious premises of the New Dock, the Museum All About Apple describes the evolution of personal computing through a rich and fascinating collection of products, including unique pieces and prototypes, all made with the mark of the "apple".


Museum All About Apple is currently the most comprehensive museum of the Apple in the world, containing practically all the production of personal computers, peripherals, accessories, prototypes Apple from 1976 until today.

A heritage that visitors can use !! All the exhibits are in fact up and running: the only case in the world in a museum of this kind.
The catalog of the museum contains more than 7,000 pieces, including 987 personal computers Apple and 142 non-Apple (machines are the pre ms-dos: Commodore, Atari, Olivetti ... to better explain the pioneering era of the '70s ), 244 monitors, 152 printers, 1,330 devices (keyboard, mouse, floppy drive, hard drives, accessories ...), 1706 manuals, 1108 brochures, 144 posters, 951 software titles on CD-ROM and floppy disks, 227 packages, over 200 pins and many accessories.

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